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At Maconston Ltd, our builders and groundwork contractors understand why families look to expand homes in the Oxford area. As property prices rise, some first-time buyers move into a home that’s already a squeeze just to get on the ladder. When their families grow, it isn’t always easy to live in cramped surroundings. Property extensions and conversions from a construction company add welcome space to many Oxford homes each year.


For those who choose conversions, for a loft or a garage as an example, there will always be ample space left outside to make use of our professional hard landscaping services.

Alternatives, such as moving home or having property extensions built, can be non-starters for many of our Oxford customers because of their budget being too small or the property having insufficient room to build around. Thankfully, all is not lost. Our builders offer perfect solutions with high quality conversions which are affordable and far cheaper than a house move. Most conversions work out to be more cost-effective than property extensions.


There are many different conversions we can undertake, such as transforming a barn into a home or offices into a block of flats, so the services of our construction company meet the needs of clients in the domestic and the commercial sectors. Because we provide internal and external services across the Oxford area, Maconston Ltd can also include any domestic or commercial hard landscaping requirements you may have into your quotation.

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On the domestic front, where our services begin with an initial site survey, our builders and groundwork contractors advise you on which option would best suit you and your Oxford home or business. Domestic conversions, and some property extensions, won’t necessarily need planning permission from your local authority. With loft space and garages, for example, we only need permission if we alter the shape of the roof or act on a party wall.


During conversions and property extensions, our builders and groundwork contractors work closely with you to make sure we cause as little disruption as possible. The transfer of materials to where the work takes place usually happens outside your Oxford home or business, such as through an opening in the roof during domestic loft conversions


Throughout most of our construction work, you won’t even know we’re around!


With property extensions, which utilise space around your Oxford property, we may need to access your home to extend the electrical, gas or water supply. Our construction company uses reputable contractors on occasion for this sort of work, but our own builders and groundwork contractors handle the extension and the surrounding hard landscaping work.


Once our construction company finishes property extensions, the work begins on the hard landscaping features. We can surround your extension with a driveway, a patio or a paving installation to reflect the style of the build. Hard landscaping focuses on permanent features for domestic and commercial properties in Oxford, and even includes the laying of car parks.

To discuss property extensions, conversions or hard landscaping services in Oxford and the surrounding areas, call Maconston Ltd on 01235 812758.

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