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Do you want to make proper use of the loft, attic or garage space at your Didcot home? Maconston Ltd is available to help create loft conversions to bring your design ideas to life. Our experienced builders and groundwork contractors will work with you to transform your Didcot property, and to maximise its potential with a range of conversions which provide an affordable alternative to property extensions.


Our construction company also has a groundworks and hard landscaping team which transforms outdoor space through the installation of architectural features.


Before you call our builders and groundwork contractors in, have you thought about what would be the best fit for your Didcot property from the different kinds of loft conversions and property extensions available? During the initial design phase, consider how property extensions and conversions might complement your home, especially as you could require planning permission. This is something our construction company can advise you on.


If you want to make more of underused attic space, or of you’d prefer to leave available garden space for a new hard landscaping theme at your Didcot home, conversions are a better choice than property extensions. Find out more about the three main styles of loft conversions our builders can provide for you below.

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Which Kinds of Loft Conversions Are There?


Depending on your original budget for property extensions or conversions, and based on the size of the loft, our construction company can help craft your dream project. What’s even better is that our builders and groundwork contractors focus on using environmentally-friendly materials wherever possible. We’re 100% dedicated to lowering our carbon footprint, and we work tirelessly to reduce our impact on ecosystems in the Didcot area.


The same approach to environmental care applies to our hard landscaping work. With an ethical outlook in mind, we can help you pick from different kinds of loft conversions which naturally complement your Didcot home whilst still preserving the planet.



One of best alternatives to property extensions is the dormer loft conversion. This style would suit most Didcot homes as it can be added to both detached and terraced houses. Our builders and groundwork contractors can open up the space into a bigger box shape, extending your staircase for easy access to the conversion itself.

If you’re worried about planning permission, please note this isn’t usually required. If it is, our construction company can obtain it from the local authority for Didcot on your behalf.

Hip to Gable


If you have a ‘hipped’ or sloped roof, our builders will provide conversions which add a new gable to the structure of your roof. This simply means the sloped shape is extended out to form a vertical wall, and this is ideal for creating more head room in the loft. As a hip to gable blends in naturally with the exterior of most Didcot homes, this is one of the most subtle alternatives to property extensions and one of the most aesthetically pleasing. While our builders are attending to your loft space, our groundwork contractors can be attending to any hard landscaping work you require to keep overall project costs down.



This style combines a flat roof with a 72° angle slope, with room for windows to let the light in. For this more detailed project, you will need to check with Didcot Town Council for planning permission. Due to the extensive work that goes into creating mansard loft conversions, which can stretch from one side of a Didcot property to the other, we recommend that you spend additional time optimising your budget. However, you can put your full confidence into our construction company and our builders, who are highly skilled at fitting mansard loft conversions as an alternative to property extensions at exactly the right price.

This page should make things a little bit clearer when you need some advice on property extensions and conversions for your Didcot home. Our builders, our groundwork contractors and our hard landscaping personnel are available to give you a free quotation on a full service range at competitive prices, without any further obligation.

To discuss property extensions, conversions or hard landscaping services in Didcot and the surrounding areas, call Maconston Ltd on 01235 812758.

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